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 Omega HR Solutions offers onsite training customized for the needs of your organization. Co-founder Mike Haberman brings over 30 years of experience in dealing with the challenges of Human Resources in the 21st century. Mike uses his broad-based experience as a consultant, practitioner, writer, speaker and instructor in the areas of employment, interviewing, employee relations, management training, outplacement, safety, and social media to help companies solve employee problems and deal with governmental compliance in a constantly changing field.  He has a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside; a Master’s of Science in Industrial Relations from Georgia State University’s Beebe Institute of Personnel and Employment Relations and is certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR).  He has over 13 years experience in the class room teaching human resources fundamentals and certification preparation.


Here are a few of our available courses:

  • Sexual Harassment Awareness – Social interaction at work provides opportunities for illegal work behaviors to occur. Sexual harassment not only causes social disruption, reduced productivity, lost time and turnover, it can also be financially expensive if a company has to defend itself in court. Training will raise the awareness of both your employees and supervisors to the subject of sexual harassment. If you suspect that there may be issues in your organization act now to prevent the loss of good employees and the legal issues that come with it. Complete the request form below to get your free details today.


  • Legal and Effective Interviewing – A primary tool in effective employee selection is the interview. The Uniform Guidelines on Selection require that interviews be both valid and reliable. Good management requires that the interview be a useful indicator of future success. Participants are trained in Behavioral Interviewing, shown to be the most valuable method of identifying successful candidates. Since this is a sensitive area where statistically more organizations find themselves in legal issues due to this one area than most all other areas combined you must be sure your organization is protected. Especially if you have multiple people handling hiring interviews they are to follow uniform standards that are to be applied across the organization. Make sure that your organization follows the latest standards of practice by completing the request form below to receive your free details today.


  • Employment Law for Supervisors and Managers – Most supervisors and managers receive little training in the multitude of employment and labor laws they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, it is these same supervisors and managers who are the company’s first line of defense against lawsuits. Omega HR will conduct a seminar that will familiarize your management team with the laws and provide methods to deal with situations to help avoid employee lawsuits. Make sure your supervisors and managers know what they should to defend your organization on the front lines before you have to engage an attorney because it is too late. Complete the request form below to receive your no obligation quote today.


  • Conducting Better Performance Reviews – Understanding expectations, goal setting, and improved communication are all reasons to have effective performance management in place. Omega HR will conduct a training session for managers to make them more effective in conducting a performance review.  This session will cover preparation, the importance of documentation and the use of the “critical incident” method. Employee performance is key to every organization’s bottom line since payroll is the greatest business expense. If you are conducting employee performance reviews as you should be then be sure you are using the latest knowledge and technology available for the best performance. Complete the request form below and receive your free details today.


  • Coaching and Counseling – Few managers or supervisors have been trained in coaching and counseling their employees in order to empower them to reach their full potential within the organization. Omega HR will conduct a training session to provide your managers and supervisors with the tools to make them effective coaches and counselors. Since a great working environment is fostered by employees leaning on their managers and supervisors make sure they have the skills necessary to promote the right culture your organization has worked hard to maintain. Complete the request form below to receive your no obligation quote today.

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