Traffic Light Filing System

This is the traffic light filing system for personnel file organization.

Green- Official Personnel File (Unrestricted Access)

  • Employment  application and/or resume
  • Special  licenses and certifications
  • Orientation  checklist and property check-out forms
  • Receipts  for handbooks and other policies
  • Performance  appraisals
  • Training  records
  • Compensation  adjustment forms
  • Job  status change forms and related information
  • Disciplinary records (excluding sexual harassment investigations)
  • Commendations,  awards and other evidence of specific accomplishments
  • Building  and Parking Access
  • Time  Off Requests

Yellow- Restricted to Supervisors as needed

  • Employment references
  • Background  investigation reports
  • Criminal  history reports
  • Pre-employment screening tests
  • Interview notes
  • Copy of I-9 and Id
  • Benefits enrollment forms (as long as medical diagnosis is not included)
  • Tax  forms
  • Data collection forms on gender, race/ethnic origin, military status and disability
  • Attendance records
  • Internal and external investigation files of complaints by or against the employee
  • Supervisory notes and correspondence
  • Exit interview forms and notes
  • Direct Deposit forms

Red- Restricted File

  • Medical history
  • Medical evaluations and related documents
  • Notes from doctors
  • Requests for Family and Medical Leave Act leave and related documents
  • Requests for Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations and related documents
  • Workers’  Compensation history, claims, and related documents
  • Results of drug/alcohol tests and related documents
  • Any document about past or present health, medical condition or disabilities

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