Here are a number or resources you may feel free to use and pass along:


Immigration Handbook and I-9 Form

Here is the most current form of the I-9 form

Here is the Handbook for Employers Instructions on Completing the I-9 Form

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Here are resources from the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Powerpoint presentation explaining the Fair Labor Standards Act

Powerpoint presentation explaining Executive, Administrative and Professional Exemptions under the FLSA

Traffic Light Filing System

This is the traffic light filing system for personnel file organization.

Green- Official Personnel File (Unrestricted Access)

  • Employment application and/or resume
  • Special licenses and certifications
  • Orientation checklist and property check-out forms
  • Receipts for handbooks and other policies
  • Performance appraisals
  • Training records
  • Compensation adjustment forms
  • Job status change forms and related information
  • Disciplinary records (excluding sexual harassment investigations)
  • Commendations, awards and other evidence of specific accomplishments
  • Building and Parking Access
  • Time Off Requests

Yellow- Restricted to Supervisors as needed

  • Employment references
  • Background investigation reports
  • Criminal history reports
  • Pre-employment screening tests
  • Interview notes
  • Copy of I-9 and Id
  • Benefits enrollment forms (as long as medical diagnosis is not included)
  • Tax forms
  • Data collection forms on gender, race/ethnic origin, military status and disability
  • Attendance records
  • Internal and external investigation files of complaints by or against the employee
  • Supervisory notes and correspondence
  • Exit interview forms and notes
  • Direct Deposit forms

Red- Restricted File

  • Medical history
  • Medical evaluations and related documents
  • Notes from doctors
  • Requests for Family and Medical Leave Act leave and related documents
  • Requests for Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations and related documents
  • Workers’ Compensation history, claims, and related documents
  • Results of drug/alcohol tests and related documents
  • Any document about past or present health, medical condition or disabilities

Top 5 HR Mistakes Small Business Make

Here is a Power Point presentation Michael Haberman, SPHR gave at the FEI Group speaking engagement:

The Top 5 HR Mistakes Small Business Make

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