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 Why do the best companies rely on background checking as the first line of due diligence?

  • It increases applicant quality
  • Avoids workplace violence
  • Protects against Negligent Hiring Liability
  • Reduces Employee Dishonesty Loss
  • Reduces Employee Turnover
  • Avoids Negative Publicity

Why invest so much in hiring a candidate as well as the compensation if you can be sure before you say “you’re hired”?

These days especially with all that is in the news about immigration would you risk hiring an employee without verifying that the social security number they are using is valid and that they are who they say that they are?

If you are hiring for a financial position would you not want to know that the candidate is financially sound themselves?

If you are hiring for a position that may have great liability for performance as with drivers or handling large equipment would you not want to make sure they are not using drugs?

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