Regulatory Compliance

Omega HR Will Help You Stay Compliant and Profitable

In the United States the workplace and its employees are governed by a large number of regulations. They include enacted legislation on a Federal level, rules promulgated by Federal Agencies, Executive Orders, and laws enacted by each state legislature. Additionally, some local municipalities pass ordinances dealing with the interaction between a company and its employees.

Omega HR Solutions, Inc. can help guide you through this maze of regulation. We help clients daily in issues such as:

•   Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Overtime
  • The difference between exempt and nonexempt
  • Proper recordkeeping
  • Compensable time issues

•   Equal Employment Opportunity

•   USERRA military leave




•   OSHA– Safety Inspections

•   Labor Law – National Labor Relations Act

  • Use of Social Media by employees and “concerted activity”

•   Immigration compliance

  • Proper I-9 documentation

•   State Regulations – We are able to access all states

Omega HR will help you identify the areas of compliance that you may need to pay closer attention to according to your business size and needs. Here are some if the services offered:

  • I-9 form and procedure review
  • Safety and inspection of facility
  • Review and update required employee postings
  • Personnel file and record keeping review
  • Review applicable OSHA paperwork and requirements
  • Employee relations review of EEOC, ADA, ADEA and discrimination
  • Review employee hiring procedures including interviewing, background checking, assessments to ensure all efforts are meeting legislative requirements

Omega HR knows compliance. Michael D. Haberman, SPHR, vice president and senior HR consultant, is widely known in the industry as the “HR Compliance Guy”. We are experts working in this area that most other HR practitioners shy away from. You can be assured that you will never be embarrassed with a law suit or face a disgruntled employee for anything that may have been overlooked.

We do not provide legal advice just excellent human resource guidance.

To get your free details on how Omega can help you stay in compliance or to correct a current issue, please contact us today!

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