Privacy Statement

A) has very strict policies and procedures designed to protect the privacy of our visitors.

We will never share your personal information with any external organization without your “informed consent”.

We generally don’t need to know (and don’t ask you for) information that identifies you personally. There are times, however, when we may need a limited amount of personal information to provide you with services that are unique to you or tailored specifically for you. If that is ever the case, we will ask you explicitly for any personal information.

Or, say you want to take advantage of opportunities we offer to purchase things online. You’ll need to provide some pretty specific personal information (beyond just a name and address) to make a purchase possible. This type of information is always sent to us over an encrypted connection that has been set up to keep anyone else from getting at it.

We may need personal information in order to inform you about new features, services or products available from us or our sponsors and partners. (We will always tell you if personal information is required for purposes like these, and we will tell you how it’s going to be used.) Finally, we may ask for personal information as part of a special contest or promotion. Some of the locator information (i.e., your name, address and e-mail address) that you provide during the Omega HR Consulting sign-up process or when you fill in Omega HR Consulting’s member properties section will be used to populate an entry in your name in the Omega HR Consulting Address Book. You can modify, add to or delete you member information in the Omega HR Consulting Address Book and Omega HR Consulting’s Member Properties section online by following the instructions in the Member area.

Only our Customer Service Manager can access this information and will do so only if there is a satisfaction problem or technical need. All personnel with access to personal information are aware of our policies. Any breach of policy would result in immediate dismissal.

Sometimes we use aggregated information to determine trends and visitor needs. Some aggregated information is analyzed and used as input to improve our site or is presented to clients as market research; however, no personal information is divulged. Commerce partners who are privy to personal information (such as the product purchased and the name and address of the purchaser) have also been screened to ensure they have appropriate policies in place.

It is important to note that when you click on a link that takes you off our site (Information Partners, for example), this Privacy Statement no longer applies.

B) Privacy Policy – Links to other sites

We provide links to a number of other sites that we believe can offer you useful information and services. However, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of or any actions of any thirds parties who control the activities of such third-party sites., We suggest contacting the relevant parties controlling these sites or accessing their online policies for the relevant information about their data collection. In the event makes any changes to our policies or procedures, members will be alerted through our newsletter and a posting on the site.

C) Voluntary Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information on Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, and Interactive Areas (collectively referred to as “Interactive Areas”).

Subscribers and Users should be aware that when they voluntarily disclose personally identifiable information (for example, user name, e-mail address) on the bulletin boards or chat areas of, that information along with any substantive information disclosed in the Subscriber’s or User’s communication, can be collected and correlated and used by third parties may result in unsolicited messages from third parties. Such activities are beyond the control of makes no warranties about the discoverability of members’ identity by methods beyond our control.

All About “Cookies”

Like many Web sites, we use pieces of information called “cookies” to keep track of how and when site areas are visited and by how many people. A cookie is a text file that is sent to your hard drive where your browser files are kept. This enables us to relate your site use with specific information that you have voluntarily provided. It is important to understand, though, that the cookies themselves don’t actually contain any personal information.

Please note that cookies may be necessary to provide the Subscriber or User with certain features (for example, customized delivery of information) available on

How To Contact Us

If you ever feel uncertain about whether this site is following the privacy policy we have described here, please notify us by e-mail to We will make every reasonable effort to find and correct the problem promptly. If you have questions about this policy, you are welcome to e-mail those to the webmaster at as well.

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