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Whether you are new to HR or a seasoned professional everyone needs someone to turn to for help at times. With so little time left over to do anything less than the core functions of your work it is reassuring to have someone you can trust to provide assistance you can depend on when it gets a little overwhelming. Consider Omega HR Consulting as your one source for all of your human resource needs. Omega HR is equipped to handle any level of outsourcing your company may need from a few processes to a full outsourcing solution. With resources and funds being so tight these days how can you afford to get the professional assistance to help you shine even brighter in your organization? The answer is Omega HR Consulting. Learn how Omega HR can make it easy it is to have the level of trust and confidence in people that you know will be there when you need them.

Our customers will tell you that we stand behind our services like no other HR service provider because we care for each customer as if they are the only one we serve. Here is an example of some of the unsolicited feedback we receive from our customers. This one is from Kathleen Smith-Tice, Principal, of REOSouth, Inc. who writes:

“Gary and I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort.  Growing a small business from just the two of us to a group of 15 has had its challenges over the years.  As complicated and difficult to properly interpret the laws governing labor, your HR consulting firm has been top notch. You have been very thorough, very responsive and timely.  We appreciate your taking the time to come to the office and sit down with us to explain the changes and to answer all of our questions.   We would highly recommend your consulting services!  Thanks again!”

Click on the links below to find out more about our services and take a moment to view some of the testimonial video’s we have there where our customers themselves give you more details of how we have helped them in their own words.

Corporate Advisement
Discover how Omega HR can guide your executives to better employee relations

HR Regulatory Compliance
Discover how Omega HR can help your organization become and stay compliant with the many HR compliance laws

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