Working Women: US, Russia and Iran and a Side Note on Unemployment

The title of this piece is long and the thought for it comes from my radio listening. In the U.S. we are lucky to have a system of law, and for the most part a social acceptance, that allows women to do most any work they wish to do. Certainly there are some sticking points …

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A Comparable Worth Discussion

Ann Bares, of Compensation Force, responded to a request from other HR pros and put on her blog a definition and discussion of the issue of comparable worth as presented in the current pay equity legislation. Take a look. BTW, for all of you PHRs and SPHRs that will need to recertify this will probably …

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Bad News and Good News for Women in Human Resources

An article in the Wall Street Journal on Oct. 23rd talked about wage disparities. (Link requires subscription.) This is not unusual. The wage disparity between men and women is well documented and much discussed. The potential reasons are many: discrimination, career interruption, and predominately “female” careers among them. What makes this article noteable, however, is …

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