Forty nine thousand reasons for supervisory training

Have  you ever heard the statement that “ignorance of the law is no excuse?” I heard that when I was younger as an admonition to not do something that was potentially illegal because even if you did not explicitly know it was illegal, you could still be found guilty. As I grew up and got …

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Being Dumb is better than being bad: A Wage Theft Follow-Up

On the 26th I wrote a post about wage theft, imploring employers not to do things that could be perceived as “wage theft” by their employees or by a court which might hear the case later. I did say that I thought that most cases of wage theft were caused by a lack of knowledge …

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Is a failure to call emergency personnel a “willful” safety violation?

If you were caught up to your neck in sand would you consider that an emergency situation? What about if you were just caught up to your waist? That was the situation at a company in Illinois. An employee was in a bin that had a funnel opening in the bottom for dispensing sand (into …

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