Performance Evaluations: "The GREAT EVIL"?: A Follow Up

My post on Performance Evaluations: “The Great Evil”? generated a fair amount of interest. I had asked in that post for people to participate in a small poll where I asked if performance appraisal needed to be eliminated, changed substantially, left alone or needed more training. Here are the results. To Be Eliminated 4 (19%) …

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Performance Evaluations: "The GREAT EVIL"?

Periodically performance evaluations/appraisals/reviews get demonized. We have another round of that demonization going on currently. A new book “Get Rid of the Performance Review! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing — and Focus on What Really Matters.” by Samual A. Culbert and Lawerence Rout is receiving media attention. Culbert wrote an article, Yes, Everyone …

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Performance Evaluations, Proper Metrics and Fairness

In my “home town” of Atlanta there is a big controversy regarding potential cheating on standardized tests in the Atlanta School System. The cheating does not involve the students. It involves teachers and administrators. Late last year a principal, and several others were convicted of erasing answers and “correcting” the tests in order to inflate …

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