Future Friday from the Archive: Artificial Intelligence and the HR world

This post was originally posted in October of 2016, but I thought it was an appropriate replay with all the discussion occurring about AI. As I have continued to read on AI, there continues to be a divide between the dystopian and utopian points of view. One article ended a discussion with this comment:  “Yet …

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Future Friday: Collaboration and the era of cognitive computing

Back in September I wrote a post called Future Friday: The future of work is all about collaboration. I talked about how technology has changed the act of collaboration by providing a variety of tools to make it easier for people to work together. Then I attended the #IBMInsight conference in October. There I learned …

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Future Friday: Cognitive computing and the value of data

I had the good fortune to be invited as a “futurist” to the #IBMInsight conference in Las Vegas in late October. Along with about 30 others we were exposed to some of the amazing things IBM is doing with what they call “cognitive computing.” The conference had several themes wrapped around the power of data, …

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