Will you fail the economic realities test for independent contractors?

Does your organization use independent contractors on a regular basis? If yes, then you are likely to have your relationships challenged. In mid-July the USDOL Wage and Hour Division issued a new interpretation of what being an independent contractor means. They have made no secret of the fact that they are clamping down on the …

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40 Big reasons you want to have your wage & hour issues in order

  It is no secret that the Obama administration has made wage and hour issues key on their platform. The President’s edict to the Department of Labor to rewrite the Fair Labor Standards Act in order to expand the number of people eligible for overtime is the most recent. Announcements from the USDOL about requiring …

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Why Paying Attention to Wage and Hour Compliance is IMPORTANT

  I have stated many, many times on this blog that paying attention to compliance issues, particularly those regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act is important. Here are some of those posts: Pay Attention Managers: You have to track time ACTUALLY WORKED! A VERY EXPENSIVE Lesson in NOT Following the Rules It Will Cost Me …

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