Using #SHRM18 to go from Influencer to decision-maker

This post is a replay from the #SHRM16 conference of two years ago. Although the dates and location are different, the lessons written about will apply to the #SHRM18 next week in Chicago. Pay attention. The SHRM national convention will be held in [Chicago] this month from June [17th through the 2oth].  I am once again attending …

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#SHRM16 Report- Day 2: Visiting the Vendors

Although I hit two great concurrent sessions today and a very interesting keynote address I will talk about them at another time. I wanted to highlight some of the vendors I have visited. I look for some of the smaller vendors, not exclusively, but generally some that have an interesting product or service. Ultimate Software …

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How to go from Influencer to decision-maker: Why I am planning on visiting the vendors at SHRM 2013

  The SHRM national convention will be held in Chicago this month on June 16th through the 19th.  I am attending as an official blogger which makes me “Press”. I feel a bit funny with that title but I did it last year in Atlanta as well. It was fun, I learned a lot, especially …

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