HR Carnival: It is all about staying current

I have written numerous times about the need to stay current in your field. I have talked about some tools. Today you can carry a world of knowledge with you in your smart phone or tablet computer. There is no excuse. Jon Ingham, who writes the blog HR Space, published this month’s HR Carnival: Feeding …

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The Top Five Soft Skills Necessary for the HR Professional

I was interviewed the other day as an HR “expert.” Naturally I was flattered. I am a sucker for an ego play. They wanted to talk about what it is like to be in HR and what does it take to get there. There were a number of questions, and I will have the podcast …

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Attracting Employees: Great Job and Cool Red Shorts

How would you like to have an organization where people not only wanted to work, they actually trained to compete for the positions that were open? Sound unreal? It is not. It is the L.A. County Lifeguards! There is an article in the June 6th issue of the Wall Street Journal entitled Sink or Swim …

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