Just because it takes extra time and effort is no reason to avoid the accommodation discussion

According to a press release by the EEOC, a Texas based company is paying a fine of $110,000 to settle a suit where they were charged with not hiring two applicants based on their inability to hear. The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) requires employers to engage in interactive discussions with applicants or …

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The ADAAA: This Is As Messy As It Sounds

I sat in on a webinar yesterday about the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendmenst Act. Based on what I heard the ADAAA would be better renamed “Ninety-eight percent of your employees and candidates will be able to claim a disability” Act. The webinar was conduct by Seyfarth Shaw LLP on the final regulations put out …

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EEOC Is Making a List and Checking It Twice and It Isn't Even Christmas Time Yet

Here we are in the middle of October. The end of the year is rushing toward us, probably faster than we want it to. The Halloween decorations will be down in the retail stores and they will be putting the “ThanksChristmasGivingDay” decorations up and Santa will appear in the malls. The song that features the …

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