Will your unlimited vacation policy run afoul of the law?

One of the more talked about trends in employee relations and new ways of working is unlimited vacation. Touted as the best way to treat employees unlimited vacation supposedly focuses on productivity rather than time. As long as an employee has their assignments done they can take off any amount of time they desire. It …

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Unlimited Vacation: Will It Work For Your Company?

I think most if not all employees would love to work for a company where they had unlimited vacation. What a great benefit, it would certainly make it easier to recruit employees. More and more articles are appearing in business magazines and blogs touting unlimited vacation time. The question is, will it work for your …

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Unlimited Vacations: Pipe Dream or Reality

Here in the Atlanta area summer is over. At least for school kids and their families. The opportunities for vacations are over with because schools are back in session. And because of the shorter summer and the economy many families did not take a vacation, at least not the “travel away” kind of vacation. That …

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