The potential consequences of improper classification of independent contractors

There is a minefield awaiting many employers as the strength of the “gig” economy continues to grow. Many employers are interested in taking on workers to do contract work, thus avoiding the expenses that go with having employees. It often seems a simple solution, but as Uber has discovered, those relationship can be fraught with …

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D'oh Guess We Should Have Thought of That: A Lesson in Unintended Consequences

I am not sure where this falls really… lack of foresight, the bigger picture was more important, guess we should have read those 2000 pages more carefully… I decided to use Homer Simpson’s “D’oh” as the best expression. I am sure you are wonder what the hell I am talking about. Well this is it.. …

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Unintended Consequences: Is Your Comp Program Killing Your Employees?

In the classes that I teach on the HR I talk about the importance of understanding that HR is not a set of discrete programs, such at the comp program, the training program, the recruiting program, etc., rather is is an interactive system where activity in one aspect of the system may have, or most …

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