What the Heck is "Doffing?"

I originally wrote this post back in 2011. You would think this is a simple issue, yet employers continue to get it wrong. Just yesterday I read an article written by the attorneys of Fox Rothchild, LLP where they described a case where a company is accused of owing overtime to 7000 employees because the …

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Should you get paid to put on your Mickey Mouse costume?

In late July a Disney employee filed a lawsuit alleging that the company was violating the FLSA by not paying employees for the time it took them to put on their uniforms. This is an area that falls under the “doffing and donning” rules in the FLSA that have been litigated numerous times. The Supreme …

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Where Was HR When They Made Her Take Her Bra Off?

There are alot of ways to correct mistakes but there is no way to fix STUPID. You may have thought I was being sensational with my title of “Where was HR when they made her take her bra off?” but that is the exactly what happened. This tale deals with a casino, a new uniform …

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