Is Culture a “bias” trap?

I read an interesting post by attorney Daniel Schwartz of Shipman & Goodwin LLP. In his post Schwartz references a WSJ article called ‘Culture Fit’ May Be the Key to Your Next Job. The article, by Rachel Feintzeig, talks about the interviewing practices of companies as they try to find candidates with the right cultural …

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If You are Using Tests as Screening Tools BEWARE!

The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures was passed in 1978 and it set the standards that employers must meet when applying screening tools or tests in the process of selecting employees for hiring, promotion, training or whatever. It defined the test for adverse or disparate impact (the 80% Rule or the Four Fifths Rule) …

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EEOC Drops Internet Applicant Definition Clarification: "We Can't Agree So Forget It!"

After four years of attempting to clarify the definition of “Internet applicant” the EEOC said they have been unable to reach any agreement on a clear definition with three other agencies, so they are now saying the definition in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (the one they were trying to clarify) is good …

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