A Final Leadership Lesson from the Tour de France

If you follow sports at all or even just glance at the news you probably know that the Tour de France is overwith as of yesterday July 25th. You may have picked up that Alberto Contador won his third Tour. In the news this race was as much about Lance Armstrong’s FAILURE TO REPEAT as …

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Tour de France's Lessons on Teams: More for HR and Management

As the Tour de France riders slug their way through the Alps in France more lessons for Human Resource and Management become apparent. These include: Anyone on the team can assume a leadership role on a temporary basis as needed by the circumstances. You have to have team your members trained to lead when their …

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Sometimes You Lead from the Back: Lessons from the Tour de France

I am a big fan of cycling, the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong. I have had the opportunity to see one race in person (2004 when Armstrong won his record breaking 6th TdF). So I definitely watched with interest as he made a comeback this year in a bid to win an eighth title. …

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