5 Skills Needed to Be Effective In HR Leadership

Here is a list of some┬áskills I think are important if you want to be effective in HR Leadership. Each of these items has a link to a blog post to offer support for what I am saying. The ability to think on your feet while in front of an audience. Kris Dunn calls it …

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Shaking the Foundation: An Interview With Kris Dunn The HR Capitalist

I have been following the work of Kris Dunn for a couple of years. I read alot of his blogs on The HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent. I watch his videos when I find them (this one on Raising Your HR Game is great. It was done with Tim Sackett, also someone to watch.) …

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Performance Evaluations, Proper Metrics and Fairness

In my “home town” of Atlanta there is a big controversy regarding potential cheating on standardized tests in the Atlanta School System. The cheating does not involve the students. It involves teachers and administrators. Late last year a principal, and several others were convicted of erasing answers and “correcting” the tests in order to inflate …

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