A Management Tip for Evaluating Employees

I was reviewing some notes from a book that I found to be inspirational. Alan Weiss wrote a book called Thrive! Stop Wishing Your Life Away. I think one of his tips is particularly valuable and makes an excellent management tip for evaluating employees. According to Alan: We all grow by exploiting STRENGTHS not by …

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Book Review: Thrive! by Alan Weiss

I have made it clear in past posts that I am a big fan of Alan Weiss of the Summit Consulting Group. He is the consultant’s guru, thought leader and my role model. He can be found on Twitter @BentleyGTCSpeed if you wish to follow him. He has written a superb series of books for …

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Human Resources Should Be About Improving What Works

In HR we quite often get caught up in discussions about the disciplinary process. What to do with poor or marginal performers? Sometimes we even discuss firing “adequate” performers, see The HR Capitalist’s discussion entitled More than Jack Welch: Should We Fire Everyone Who’s Doing an “Adequate” Job? Typically in HR we advise supervisors to counsel, …

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