Future Friday: Lessons from #SHRM16 about resiliency

One of the early sessions I attended was presented by Alex Hagan, CEO at Kienco and an Instructor at The Futures School. He was talking on Three Rules to Creating resilient HR Strategy. He talked several different issues. I thought I would ¬†give you the tweets I wrote during his sessions as my way of …

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Future Friday: Cognitive Computing and the employee experience

An age of customization is coming due to the power of cognitive computing. What is cognitive computing you ask? I am sure you have heard the term it is filtering into many discussions today. IBM introduced the concept to me last fall at a conference I was invited to attend. (See Future Friday: Cognitive computing …

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What Are You Doing Today That Will Be Worthless Tomorrow?

We have all read about the rapidity of change, probably ad nauseum by now. But I read a post today that quoted a Manpower study that said something to the effect that even though jobs are starting to come back they will not be the same jobs that workers left. Different skill sets will be …

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