How to Improve Your Job, Your Business, Your Life

Mackay’s Moral: A Person without knowledge is like a house without a foundation. Harvey Mackay is a favorite of mine. I have read several of his books and I read his weekly column all the time. I find him a continual source of knowledge, wisdom and common sense. The column which is the inspiration for this post is …

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The HR Wisdom of TR

I read presidential biographies, in fact I have set the goal of reading a biography on each president. (Yes, even Millard Fillmore.) My favorite president however is Theodore Roosevelt. I have twenty or more books on TR, including a very old book of his letters. An enjoyable read amongst them is a book called Theodore …

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Influential books: A Personal List

I do alot of reading. I used to read books a great deal, still do, but less so with the Internet available. I am typing this from my home office, where I have decent size library,( but it does not look like Alan Weiss’ library.) As I sit here looking at my books and wondering …

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