Future Friday: Will the Gig economy change the way we work internally?

In a brief video, Rawn Shah, Director of Rising Edge, an independent consultancy focusing on work culture, collaboration, management models, and the future of work, suggested a different view of how we view work. He said that we should not view ourselves as having one job, or even a series of jobs, rather we should …

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Future Friday: The future of work is NOT leisure

There are a number of authors and others that see a dismal side to the increasing use of automation. One of these is Rice University computer scientist and director of Rice’s Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology, Moshe Vardi.  According to the author of How Will Humans Handle the Boredom That Comes with A.I. Taking …

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Republication of 7 Steps to becoming a practical HR Futurist

Today I am presenting at the SHRM-Atlanta conference in Atlanta. I will be presenting on Seven Steps to Becoming a Practical HR Futurist. Hopefully I will see you there. If not, I am republishing a blog post that covered this topic. The more I read the more it becomes apparent to me how important an …

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