3 Next-Level Management Tips to Create a Better Workplace in 2020

Today’s post is courtesy of SocialMonsters.org The only thing constant is change. Though some aspects of business success are built upon bedrock principles that were detailed decades ago, you can’t stop evolving. There are new business models. There is new technology. And there needs to be new management. No, we’re not talking about firing and …

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Future Friday: The Independent Contractor will NOT rule by 2020

I and numerous other people have written about the “gig economy”, “free agent nation” or whatever you want to call it, numerous times. As we get into 2016, and 2020 is a mere four years away, the likelihood of there being a major shift in the direction of a high percentage of independent contractors seems …

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Crowdsourcing as a Human Resources Tool

 I must admit I was not all that familiar with the term “crowdsourcing”, but I have run across it twice in the past two days. First in the book The 2020 Workplace and secondly in a little video that Laurie Ruettimann made to help her decide on the best style of glasses for her.  I …

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