Three HR Lessons on a Wednesday morning

When you write five times a week like I do, you become grateful that other write great material that I can point out to you. Today is one of those days where I want to make you aware of some informative and thought=provoking lessons. First up is Todd Lebowitz who warns us that even though …

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Do you use technology to avoid human interaction?

Technology is a tool that can be used to enhance our ability to communicate with our fellow employees. Unfortunately we often use it as a crutch to avoid having to actually interact with others. How many ways can we send a message that lets us actually avoid human contact? What is appropriate? My friend Janine …

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Future Friday: Texting as the new HR tool

If you are in HR or business management do you use a text message as a tool to communicate to, engage with and recruit your employees or potential employees? If you are not you may want to rethink that. Studies show that teens send sixty (60) or more text messages a day. Yeah, but those …

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