Three HR posts for Thursday

As I occasionally do I point out some interesting and informative reads to you in order to educate you and give you a break from my writing. Today, I have three great posts that cover training, ergonomics and the changing workweek. #1 The first post comes from Kristine Sims at Constangy, Brooks, Smith and Prophete, …

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Is judging someone’s grammar a good hiring test?

I recently came across an article in the Harvard Business Review titled I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why written by Kyle Wiens. He is the CEO of iFixit, the largest online repair community, as well as founder of Dozuki, a software company dedicated to helping manufacturers publish documentation. Wiens describes why …

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The HR Wisdom of TR

I read presidential biographies, in fact I have set the goal of reading a biography on each president. (Yes, even Millard Fillmore.) My favorite president however is Theodore Roosevelt. I have twenty or more books on TR, including a very old book of his letters. An enjoyable read amongst them is a book called Theodore …

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