Clearing up Some Myths about Severance Pay

  I get occasional calls from clients asking me about severance pay. What is required? What is customary? Should there be a release or not? Of course the simple answers are nothing, nothing and maybe. Straight forward enough for you? Ok, I will provide a little more detail by clearing up some myths about severance …

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Can You Fire Someone for Participating in an “Occupy” Rally?

According to a recent article by SHRM the answer to that is a resounding “Maybe, depends.” Oh come on… you were expecting a different answer from HR and a lawyer in HR at that! Humor aside, let me help explain the answer of “Maybe” to the question of can you fire someone for participating in …

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The HR Carnival: Dead of Winter Edition

Lisa Rosendahl, who writes Simply Lisa, lives where it is very cold. As a result snow, ice and winter sports are at the forefront in her thoughts. Using the theme of winter sports she has put together a very good Carnival of HR using hand warmers, luges, snowshoes and more to display a very large …

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