Future Friday: The skill sets needed for the HR professional of the future

I came across an article directed at the Chief Information Officers, in other words the IT leader, which talked about the skill sets the CIO of the future will need to have to be most effective. Not too surprisingly this skill set works well for the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) as well. In fact …

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Corporate Climbing & Other Team-Building Adventures

Today’s post is brought to you by SocialMonsters.org.  When people have a personal connection with their co-workers it reduces conflict, improves productivity and creates a more stable work space for everyone. While team-building activities can be helpful, larger adventures get co-workers out of the office and out of the mindset of work activities. Suddenly people …

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Leadership Notes from a "Good to Great" Company

I had the opportunity to hear John G. Rice, Vice Chairman of GE, speak on leadership. GE is one of the companies Jim Collins wrote about in “Good to Great”. In fact Rice’s introducer said it is the only remaining company written about that continues to excel. Rice talked about GE in general, his schedule …

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