Hiring Carefully Does not have to Mean Slow

Jon Stein, founder and CEO of Betterment, wrote an article in Fast Company called How to Win the Talent War. In this article Mr. Stein was talking about start-ups, but the points he made are applicable to all companies. He makes a distinction between three different types of candidates: A-players, brilliant misfits and future stars. …

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A Recruiting Scenario in the Near Future?

Based on some of the reading I have been doing I think this scenario may not be too far off in the future. This may be the future of talent acquisition and recruiting for some companies. The company is high tech and subsequently is experiencing the effects of the “talent shortage”. The talent acquisition pros in …

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The HR Carnival: The Evil HR Lady Edition

Suzanne Lucas, known as the The Evil HR Lady, has posted the latest collection of HR blog posts. Suzanne is the original founder of the HR Carnival, now retired from being a Carny, but still hosting occassionally. She opted for a food theme this time and got some participants in the theme, including my post. …

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