Good Advice: Dealing With H1N1 in the Workplace

The folks over at Benefit Buzz published some good advice and raised alot of questions on dealing with the Swine Flu in your employee population. So I direct you to Flu Prevention: Mostly Common Sense but do your benefit policies support it. Make sure you read the comments as well. Some very good information in there. …

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Is Lack of Training Going to Cost Your Company?

The Wall Street Journal Online today had a report on the Buffalo crash of the Colgan commuter plane that killed 50 people. The article, “Captain’s Training Faulted In Air Crash That Killed 50” , indicated the pilot had been poorly trained, had failed many tests, yet the company put him back in the air. A …

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How the Recession Will Make the Swine Flu Worse

The U. S. Government has declared a public healthy emergency with the outbreak of swine flu. The CDC has some guidelines and more information about the swine flu. You can find that here. Naturally one of the ways to prevent the spread is for sick people to stay home. However, in a recession employees are …

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