From the archive: The importance of having the right supervisor

I have been receiving emails from workers who have read my blogs asking me what they can do about a horrible supervisor. That prompted this repeat of a post from 2016/ As a long time HR practitioner I have learned that most companies get in trouble not for what HR does or for what employees …

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Avoiding lawsuits is as simple as a little bit of training

An office cleaning company found out that just providing supervisors with a little bit of training would have been a much cheaper solution than paying a $16,000 settlement because of discrimination. Scoliosis gets in the way According to the EEOC a Michigan based company that provides corporate cleaning services will pay $16,000 to settle disability …

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5 Ways to tell a new employee they need to improve

My experience has been that managers, supervisors, and HR people dread having to tell an employee that their work is not up to par or they need to improve or they need to change something that is disagreeable. Here are 5 ways to tell an employee they need to improve. Avoid it in the first …

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