3 Brainless Steps to Brilliant Hires: A Guest Post

  Bill Ramsey has posted a couple of times as a guest. This time he offered me a video guest post on 3 brainless steps to brilliant hires. I thought it was well done. I think you will like it as well. Bill talks about the selection process and the value of selection tools. So …

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Identifying Team Players: A Guest Post

This post is written by Bill Ramsey, an associate in the assessment field.   Identifying Team Players By Bill Ramsey I am not a “team player.”  In fact, I wince when I hear that expression.  If I were a vampire, you could repel me with garlic, sunlight, and rousing pep-talks extolling the virtues of the …

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Book Review: Thrive! by Alan Weiss

I have made it clear in past posts that I am a big fan of Alan Weiss of the Summit Consulting Group. He is the consultant’s guru, thought leader and my role model. He can be found on Twitter @BentleyGTCSpeed if you wish to follow him. He has written a superb series of books for …

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