Another case of Stupid HR actions

First let me make it clear that by saying “stupid HR” I am not pointing a finger at the HR department, most the time. Generally I am pointing out an action taken by a company that is an illegal action. In this example it is a “stupid HR” action taken by the president of a …

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Asking for Facebook Passwords: Is This More Stupid HR?

There has now been enough activity on this that I decided to weigh-in on this topic. One of the early cases dealt with a Maryland corrections officer being asked for his password to Facebook during a background investigation as he sought reinstatement on a job. Needless to say he did not care for this demand …

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Stupid HR: A Good HR Manager Would Have Prevented This

Companies will often hold contests to provide some incentive for employees to increase productivity or improve attendance. So it was no surprise when a business owner announced a contest for his employees. They had an opportunity to win $10 in conjunction with visits by “secret shoppers.” Great manager you think? Well think again. The contest …

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