5 Great Pieces of HR Advice

I have some great advice for you today on Human Resources. It is not my advice however, it is the advice of bloggers I greatly respect. You can learn alot by reading these five posts, so pay attention. There will be a test later. First up is attorney blogger Jon Hyman. As an HR consultant …

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5 Key Pieces of Advice in HR and Leadership

These five pieces of advice in HR and Leadership come not from me this week but from my fellow blog writers. Their collective wisdom provides us with information we should all heed. Up first is HR pro extraordinaire Kris Dunn. His advice in A Test to See If Anyone Actually Reads Your Employee Handbook… was …

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Five Great Reads in Human Resources Blogs This Week

I have done some reading today and I am passing on to you five blogs that I think are important reads. What a great guy I am. (Said blushing… well not really) This is not to say that there are not at least another 100 good blog posts out there to read, there are. But …

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