Do You Celebrate Minor Victories? The Lesson of Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo which is Spanish for the Fifth of May. (If you ever want to test how dumb your friends are ask them what day Cinco de Mayo is on.) Many Americans (US brand) think this is Mexican Independence Day. But it is not. According to Wikipedia “Cinco de Mayo is a voluntarily …

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The Essence of Performance Management

In Collapse Jared Diamond writes “Businesses have changed when the public came to expect and require different behavior, to reward businesses for behavior that the public wanted, and to make things difficult for businesses practicing behaviors that the public didn’t want.” To me that is the essence of performance management. Read that same statement this way, in the context …

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Rewarding Gen Y- The Little Things Count

I received Harvey Mackay’s newsletter in my email today. It discusses the importance of constant reward for the newest generation of workers, Gen Y or the Millinials. He describes a story he saw on TV that talks about how Gen Y workers are looking for constant reward. If they don’t find it they move on. …

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