Sick leave law in Georgia? This law has “no teeth.”

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed into law sick leave legislation that for the most part creates almost nothing. Senate Bill 201 creates a requirement that Georgia employers allow employees to use sick leave for family members. However, the provisions are not very strict and employers cannot be help responsible for not following this law. …

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How to Handle PTO as a Small Business

Although the law does not dictate that all companies must provide their employees with built-in vacation time, some small businesses are finding creative, cost-effective ways to offer their employees added benefits and PTO. The U.S. is the only advanced economy that does not legally require companies to provide any vacation time, under the Fair Labor …

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Flu + Crowded Office + Antibiotic Overuse = Disaster for Your Company?

  As winter approaches the warnings about the flu start to abound. Well here is one more. Two articles I read have prompted this post. The first was about what to do in the office to prevent, or at least diminish the effect of the flu, and the second was about the worry that health …

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