A Tool for HR in a Changing World

  At the SHRM 2012 national conference I had the opportunity to hear Tom Brokaw (see this post.) One of the many things he said that made an impact on me was “We can’t be a coach potato anymore to be an active citizen. You have to become aggressive about getting your news.” In reflecting …

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#SHRM12 Conference Update

The conference continues to be very good. I started at 7 am with the 10 mistakes that employers make in wage & hour that cost a lot of money. I have written on these before. The basic message was it is very expensive to ruin your exemptions. The keynote was given by author Malcolm Gladwell. …

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Top Ten Session Targets for Mike Haberman’s SHRM12 Conference

  I will be attending the 2012 Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Conference being held in Atlanta starting Sunday, June 23 and going through Wednesday, June 27. I am going as one of the Bloggers invited to participate. It is a big social media push in order to share the conference with many of …

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