Regulations written for big companies make life difficult for small companies

In a great post on her blog, attorney Robin Shea talked about the new EEOC guidance on sexual harassment that was just released. You can find it here, and you should read it! You have until February 9th to let the EEOC know what you think about it. You need to read Robin’s blog post …

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Job blackmail is not the quickest way to a girl’s heart

Over the history of mankind men have tried multiple ways to woo women. Obviously many have been successful, but some have not worked. In today’s modern workplace threatening a woman’s job is not a route to success. No hearts are won with blackmail. A recent case The EEOC just published a press release that tells …

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How responsible is a company for the actions of its managers and supervisors?

  The answer to this, as it is for many HR questions is, “It depends.” I am going to try to give you a “non-legal” answer to this question since I am not an attorney, but I hope to get across to you just how much responsibility you bear as an employer for the actions …

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