The EEOC may make severances go away!

  A recent lawsuit filed by the EEOC against CVS has employment lawyers and knowledgeable HR people in a bit of a tizzy. The EEOC does not like CVS’ severance agreement and they want it radically changed. Let me explain. Severances First you need to understand that severances are not required under law. No company …

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Clearing up Some Myths about Severance Pay

  I get occasional calls from clients asking me about severance pay. What is required? What is customary? Should there be a release or not? Of course the simple answers are nothing, nothing and maybe. Straight forward enough for you? Ok, I will provide a little more detail by clearing up some myths about severance …

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast

I don’t think there are too many things worse for a company, especially a small company, than to make a bad hire that is then allowed to hang around forever because management is afraid to act on the mistake they made. So the solution for this is to hire slow and fire fast. In an article …

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