How much do you really trust the government?

The US Department of Labor is trying to become a much friendlier agency when dealing with employers, really they are. They have reinstituted opinion letters, where employers can reach out to the USDOL and get information about a situation, that handled incorrectly could result in a lawsuit. These opinion letters can then act as guidance …

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Even the Department of Labor screws up the FLSA

For all of you struggling with the new overtime regulations don’t feel bad that you may find this difficult to deal with implementing. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) is actually a pretty complicated law. The nuances of the regulations and the interpretations by the DOL and the courts add yet another level of complexity. …

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Saying “I am sorry” is protected in 36 states

Research has shown that telling an offended party that you are sorry defuses many situations, whether it is in a personal relationship, a malpractice suit or even in a discrimination lawsuit. Yet many people are hesitant to say “I’m sorry” because they feel that will be perceived as an admission of guilt. Fortunately, in many …

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