The “New” DOL working toward being balanced toward employees and employers

Prior to 2010 the U.S. Department of Labor served both the employees of the country by suing employers engaging in incorrect practices and employers by offering interpretations of the law regarding the employers situations. In 2010 the DOL, under the Obama administration, ceased these opinion letters in favor of broad administrative statements. The also increased …

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Future Friday: Pushing the minimum wage

Earlier this week in a podcast I talked about the near future of HR. Just in case you thought I was blowing smoke I present to you a statement from the current Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez. It is entitled: Statement by US Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez on mayors’ resolution calling for an increase …

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Oh Where, Oh Where Is Hilda?

Representative Hilda Solis, the congressional representative from California’s San Gabrial valley, is one of the remaining Obama nominees that has not yet been approved. Apparently her confirmatin as Secretary of Labor is on hold because of her refusal to answer questions about her views on the Employee Free Choice Act. Why she is hesitating is …

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