Unlocking the compensation secret vault: An interview with Chris Bolte of Paysa

One of the great secrets in HR for both companies and for candidates is “what is someone worth?” Why is that question asked? The answer is companies want to know what they need to pay someone, either as a new hire or in order to forestall having them leave. Employees want to know that information …

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Future Friday: Will employees be setting wages in the future?

The changing world of work is challenging traditional ways of doing things. In the past most companies had wage and salary ranges for positions, at least large companies did, and when they were ready to make an offer it was one that fit within that range. Even companies that didn’t have official salary grades still …

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Empowering Women to Negotiate

  It is well known in both HR literature and in the popular press that women earn less than men. There are a number of reasons for this difference, but one of the reasons often stated is that women don’t negotiate for salaries as often or as well as men. As it turns out these …

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