The potential consequences of improper classification of independent contractors

There is a minefield awaiting many employers as the strength of the “gig” economy continues to grow. Many employers are interested in taking on workers to do contract work, thus avoiding the expenses that go with having employees. It often seems a simple solution, but as Uber has discovered, those relationship can be fraught with …

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A new salvo fired in the war on Independent Contractors

In case you have not noticed there is a war of sorts going on over the definition of independent contractors, in particular the case of Uber and Lyft. There are many combatants in this battle. This most recent clash was instigated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Who is involved? On one side we have …

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Independent Contractor Problems May Arise With Current Employees

Independent contractors that have been improperly classified as such can cause alot of tax and FLSA issues. I have written about the use of IC’s several times. You can find these posts here and here and here. One issue regarding independent contractors that I have not written about is the use of current employees to …

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