Future Friday: Why Automation Won't Remove Humans From HR

Something new today. This is the first time I have published a guest post on Future Friday. This author seemed appropriate to do it with, however. Sara Carter is the co-founder of Englighted Digital. She is a consultant and freelance programmer, who has been fascinated with technology since childhood.  Is a robot coming to take …

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Future Friday: Is the Robotic Future Good or Bad?

I watched the following video because the original title was “Futurist warns robots may one day kill us as an act of kindness. Well the title did what it was intended to do and capture my attention. It turns out the futurist, Nell Watson, the  CEO of Poikos, did mention that in about the last minute of …

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Future Friday: Will We Control Technology or Will it Control Us?

  This is a brief post today. I have written several times about “robot” workers replacing human workers. You can find these here, here and here. Many of the jobs that will be replaced will be lower level jobs. Unfortunately I fear more than that will be replaced if we do not do something about …

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