Future Friday: Why Automation Won't Remove Humans From HR

Something new today. This is the first time I have published a guest post on Future Friday. This author seemed appropriate to do it with, however. Sara Carter is the co-founder of Englighted Digital. She is a consultant and freelance programmer, who has been fascinated with technology since childhood.  Is a robot coming to take …

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Future Friday: Is the future of your job in your values and your morality?

When people discuss the future of work naturally the subject of robots and artificial intelligence is discussed. Most people agree that many jobs will be taken over by robots and AI but the world is divided on whether these machines will think and thus be able to do the rest of human work. The question …

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Future Friday: Can HR be replaced by a robot?

I have written several times in Future Friday about people being replaced by robots. Generally when you think of robots in the workplace you think of a factory floor or even the driverless vehicles I spoke about in this video post. But are robots possible in the administrative areas? Can HR be replaced by a …

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