Will “Right-to-Work” become Federal law?

I have written a number of times on the subject of “right-to-work”. Here and Here. To quote myself “The concept of “right-to-work” is that you cannot force an employee to have to belong to a union and pay union dues in order to keep his/her job. In a non-RtW state, after a probationary period, an …

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Indiana Supreme Court Upholds “Right-to-Work” Legislation: A signal to other states?

I just held a class on Labor Law and one of the concepts we discussed was “right –to-work”. Many people confuse “right-to-work” with “employment-at-will.” Simply put, EAW is a common law concept that says that employers and employees both have a right to terminate their working relationship at any time for any reason, as long …

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Unions Push South as the Supreme Court Rules on Organizing Tactics

  In a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (that is a newspaper for those of you that don’t follow them) a union representative was quoted as saying they are making organizing the South a union priority. Meanwhile the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is taking up a case that may have a …

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