Five things that annoy your employees

Last Saturday I was at a reception for the opening of a new office for my financial advisor. One of the people that I was chatting with brought up the subject of things that upset customers. He said he had read a great article on five things that annoyed customers. I immediately thought customers equals …

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A little RESPECT goes a long way: A SHRM Atlanta Report

Aretha Franklin sang about it, but at the SHRM Atlanta conference this week Paul Meshanko talked about it. Meshanko, a speaker, writer and consultant talked about the neuroscience of respect. Here are some of the facts he gave us about the subject: Respect biologically primes the brain for performance. Respect releases three drugs; serotonin, oxytocin …

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Does Respect Have to be earned in the workplace?

  We have all heard someone proffer the advice that “respect has to be earned.” I hear that from CEO’s who like to “run a tight ship.” My question is that really the case, does respect really have to be earned? My answer I feel that is backwards thinking. I think everyone deserves respect from …

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