3 Ways to Protect Your Company Reputation from Negative Rumors

This post comes my friends at SocialMonsters.org There are some good lessons for HR in this post. Last year, Samsung’s reputation was going down in flames, as reports of its Galaxy Note7 suddenly catching fire sabotaged a launch that was meant to give the company momentum going into the holiday sales season. The crisis devastated …

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Future Friday: How will you handle your public reputation?

We are all aware of sites that allow consumers to rate restaurants or stores, like Yelp, or sites that allow candidates and employees to rate companies, like Glassdoor. But have you thought about the possibility of having sites that allow everyone to rate everything? How would that effect you as an HR professional if your …

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Future Friday: Competing Businesses of the Future

Today I have looked at pictures that were posted by friends on Facebook; I have viewed a few YouTube video of people at the beach; I saw that several friends had checked in at Starbucks on FourSquare. Some of you have probably posted “selfies” and I even had one friend post what he called a …

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